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Service Summary

1. Radio Traffic accounting service and Management service of Communication Expense

Based on the regulation of International Telecommunications Convention and pertaining Radio Regulation (R.R), Radio traffic accounting business (Accounting Authority) need to be approved by flag nation’s administration. Countries we can deal with are as follows:

Japan, Bahama, Belize, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dominica,
 Hong Kong, Liberia, Malta, Marshall Islands, Micronesia,
 Myanmar, Palau, Panama, Saint Vincent, Singapore, Vanuatu

Traffic fee incurred by vessels are charged to us by handling Land Earth Station(LES), based on their accounting statement. Then we sort the traffic by vessels and recalculate them. With payments from customers confirmed within certain period, we can balance accounts for sure.

These days, we receive billing statements more often in electronic file (PDF, CSV) than in hard copies. Using our most advanced system, we prepare above said statements in hard copies or in electronic file (PDF, CSV).

Radio traffic accounting is ruled by International Telecommunications Convention, and when defaults or long overdue happens, handling Telecommunication Carriers assert power to bring the communication to standstill.

We therefore, to avoid defective ship’s operation caused by interruption of telecommunication, pay careful attention, and give much cooperation as possible.

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